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Metaverse  (International) Groups  Association Company  Limited   (MIGA) is established on the basis of the rapid use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality(AR) headsets and a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection  becoming prevalent.

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What is Metaverse

The metaverse is a conceptual next-generation version of the internet that consists of shared three-dimensional (3D) virtual worlds where people can interact, trade, play games and do more. The term was coined by the science-fiction writer Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel Snow Crash, but a broader, multi-platform version of the concept gained widespread recognition in 2021 when Facebook changed its name to Meta.

The Realization Path of the Metaverse

  • First, immersion and overlay. The representative of the immersive path is VR technology. For example, wearing VR equipment can make people enter an immersive exclusive scene of “everything is ready for me”, which is both immersive and introverted.
  • Second, radical and progressive. The path to the metaverse has always been radical and gradual. For example, Rolox is a representative of the radical path. It does not provide games from the beginning, but only provides development platforms and communities, attracts users with creative incentives, and realizes a decentralized world entirely created by users.
  • Third, open and closed. The path of the metaverse also has two relationships, open and closed. This relationship is more obvious in the mobile phone market. For example, the Apple system is a closed system, and both hardware and software are closed.

The Core Technologies of Metaverse

  • The first is extended reality technologies, including VR and AR. Extended reality technology can provide an immersive experience that can solve problems that mobile phones can’t.
  • The second is the digital twin, which can mirror the real world into the virtual world. This also means that in the metaverse, we can see many virtual avatars of ourselves.
  •  The third is to use the blockchain to build an economic system. As the metaverse develops further and the simulation of the entire real society is strengthened, we may not only spend money in the metaverse, but may also make money, thus forming an economic system in the virtual world.

Great Changes Following Metaverse 

1. Social production efficiency will be improved further in the perspective of technological innovation and collaboration;

2.A series of new technologies, new formats and new models have been created to promote the transformation of traditional industries;

3. Promote the cross-border derivation of the cultural and creative industry in the result of greatly stimulating information consumption;

4.Reconstructing work and lifestyle, a lot of work and life will happen in the virtual world;

5.Promote the construction of smart cities and innovate social governance models.